Meet Your Team

Group Photo of the Mahn Wealth Management Group of Stifel | Festus, Missouri
Chris Olinger, Kyle Gowen, and Rita Kay Mahn

With approximately 2,200 financial advisors in nearly 400 offices across the nation, Stifel is the nation's 7th largest full-service wealth management and investment firm in terms of number of financial advisors.  Given the ups and downs of the markets over the past 20 years, Stifel has thrived.  And there is a reason for that – our ability to empower the client-advisor relationship.  By letting our financial advisors have complete control over their practice and not forcing product goals on them, they can truly focus on their clients' needs.

We are home to one of the nation's leading equity research groups – Stifel and our KBW affiliate combined to rank first among qualifying U.S. firms in the Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards in 2016 and 2017.  We also can accommodate the liability side of our client's balance sheet via Stifel Bank & Trust – yes, we own our own bank! 

Stifel's parent company has enjoyed 24 straight years of record net revenue.  The firm's associates own approximately 40% of the outstanding shares, which illustrates how strongly they believe in our business model and stability moving forward.  

Our experienced and dedicated home office support staff reflects the core reason we joined Stifel's culture.  Any time we have a question, a Stifel associate will answer:  “How can I help you?  When was the last time you heard that?